Great Falls Housing Market

The Conrad Group came and performed/provided a Summary of Housing Market Demand Assessment for Great Falls, Montana. The Conrad Group is a Real estate advisory firm founded in 1995 focusing on market, financial and valuation analyses across sectors.

The Great Falls Development Authority, Inc. has done an incredible job seeking the professional opinions to increase our cities development and economic impact. December 2021 Great Falls had the pleasure to have The Conrad Group provide us with a summary of the housing market. This not only provides us an overview of our own city but compares it to surrounding areas. The informaiton is incredbile and very insiteful to read!

KRTV released a wonderful article disucssing the summary reports provided. "Specifically, the study found the Great Falls market can support more than 2,500 new, for-sale housing units and more than 1,800 rental units, far exceeding the current planned development according to the GFDA." - KRTV By: Colter Anstaett

Posted at 7:18 PM, Jan 21, 2022

and last updated 11:06 AM, Jan 23, 2022

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All docuements are provided by the Great Falls Development Authority and The Conrad Group. To know more about The Conrad Group visit their webstie at

Great Falls Housing Demand Summary Report 2022
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Summary Overview
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