Fall is Here!!! Tips for your Home

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

When it comes to Fall all we want to do is cuddle up with some hot coco and watch fun movies.... well if you own a home you know that there is a lot that comes along with the seasons changing! Here are some tips for getting your home Fall ready and some decor tips for fun!!

Outdoor and Indoor Maintenance Tips

Gutters are so important come Winter so making sure they are well taken care of through the Fall will keep them in strong working condition.

  • Clean of debris

  • Have proper Flow

  • Gutter Extensions to direct water away from your foundation

Do you have a sprinkler system? Do you have an appointment to get them professionally blown out??

  • Call your local Sprinkler Company (if you need a good recommendation, Call your LifeStyle Realtor Today)

  • Schedule Blow Out

  • Make sure your water is turned off to the system

  • Follow any steps advised by professional

Final Fertilization = Fall is still a great time to keep your grass healthy over the winter. Feed it well so once Spring comes you will be the lawn talk of the town!

Outdoor Furniture takes a beating here in Montana. Make sure to cover or bring in any furniture that could be harmed or damaged during Fall and Winter elements.

Furnace Filter = Is it time to maintenance the furnace and make sure your filter is clean?? Yes!! With the cold weather coming in please make sure your furnace is running well and is prepared to keep up with the change in weather. If your furnace does not turn on or is having a hard time running, first check the filter. Most Furnaces will not turn on if the filter is simply overly dirty. If it is clean check with your local HVAC Tech to have it serviced! Companies are getting super busy so don't wait to jump on the schedule and pre plan that service.

Water Heaters = If you have a water heater that is in a crawl space or an area that you do not visit regularly double check on those water lines and ensure you have no leaks. It is also important to make sure it has proper venting and insulation for once the cold sets in.

Hoses = Unhook any hoses you have outside to ensure your lines do not freeze!! If you have frost freeze hose bibs, Awesome!! If you do not, head to your local hardware store and grab a frost freeze cover to make sure your water lines are in the clear!

Do you have a Fireplace in your home? Take the time to clean out that fireplace and don't forget to clean the chimney! One of our favorite features of a home is a beautiful fireplace but they do take some maintaining for safe use!

Roof Inspection = If you have known water leaks or have not had your roof looked at recently it may be a good idea to handle those items now. Once the snow comes it is very difficult to address roofing issues due to the cold weather. Sometimes in Montana it may take weeks or month's before roofs can be fixed. That is a long time to have water coming into your home creating more issues!!

Decorating for Fall

Here are some fun Fall ways to decorate safely!! Plus curb appeal is EVERYTHING!

  • Door Mats

  • Hanging wreaths

  • Use your fallen Leaves for extra decor

  • Pumpkins all around!!

  • Is it truly Fall without that Fall candle lit??


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