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Are you a First-Time Home Buyer, Seasoned Buyer or a Driven Investor? LifeStyle Real Estate Firm has created a network of professionals that present an effortless home buying plan for every buyer. With expert guidance, consistent communication, today technology and an assertive team your new home is just around the corner. 

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Your goals are our #1 focus. We want to provide you with the best quality service and setting the expectations up front will allow us to achieve success. We 100% want your home to reflect your lifestyle. Creating a home is much more than just finding a house. LifeStyle is knowledgeable in the Great Falls community and local areas you may be interested in. 

Preparing to buy a home is multi-faceted. Taking necessary steps when Starting your journey right from the start will make the process that much easier. With a past paced market a Pre-approval is almost always required or requested with making an offer. 


First, it is crucial that you look carefully at your finances to ensure and determine that you are in a position to purchase a home. This goes deeper than simply getting a loan. Are you prepared to make a down payment? Are you prepared for the costs associated with maintaining your new home? Our LifeStyle Agents are equipped with a large network of lenders and can make recommendations if desired. Once connected with a lender who best fits your needs, the process of getting pre-approved is on its way. The process of getting a pre-approval will lay out the costs related to purchasing a home, for example...

Earnest Money = Are you prepared to put up front "Good Do Diligence" typically ranging from $500 to $2000 (This can vary)

Down Payment  = Typically can range from 3.5% to 20% depending on loan qualifications

Mortgage Insurance = PMI is usually required when you choose not to put 20% down. Make sure to ask your lender the details of this extra            cost that will be added/factored into your monthly payment. 

Closing Costs = These are averaged about 3% (this may vary) of the total home purchase price. Include Home Inspections, Appraisals, Bank              Fees, Pre-Paids and more. Ask for a detailed list of what your lender defines or is included in your closing costs. 

Research Utilities = Each property will vary in what the utilities cost based on size and personal usage. Make a simple call to your local                    providers and request a 12- month average for the home you are inquiring about. This will help you in adjusting your monthly budget.

Misc & Maintenance =  Accounting for HOA Fees (Monthly or Annually), moving expenses, advanced landscaping can increase the utility bills,          does the property have SID requirements, home condition and age and increase maintenance requirements. Ask questions early to set up                    success later. Being prepared is so important in knowing what you can realistically afford.

Second, Now that you know what you can realistically afford, Make a list of your needs and wants. Know what you have to have and what is negotiable. This will be important once you start looking at homes. Elements to consider are schools (Will your district change?) Neighborhood and if that area accommodates your lifestyle needs. (Is your gym close enough? Do you want to be next to local trails? Do you want a quiet subdivision? How is the traffic? ) 

2. Find a Realtor & Home Search

Before looking at homes it is very important to find a REALTOR who will make your goals their own. Who you work with matters and having full trust in who represents you is key. When you hire LifeStyle Real Estate Firm you are gaining an entire TEAM who will work hard to make home ownership a success for you. We use diverse expertise to think out of the box and create a buying strategy tailored to your needs and your buying ability. 

Let the fun begin! LifeStyle Real Estate Firm has a keen eye to look out for things you may not pay attention to. As a home buyer the exciting rush of emotions can be overwhelming. While you are taking in the crown molding, featured fireplaces and Great Falls character, we are looking for the minor, yet important, details. Although each home may have amazing qualities you love, it is our job, to the best of our ability, to point out the cons and not so appealing features. We keep your goals at the for-front and uphold to educating you to the best of our ability along the way. 

Daily Check-Ins = LifeStyle strives to keep you up-to-date as soon as we are. Communication is vital to staying on top of this fast market.                  Clear line of conversation helps everyone stay top of mind. LifeStyle consistently is sharing buyer needs internally and working as a team to get            you the best home for the best price possible. 

MLS Portal = Get Listing information as fast as your Agent. LifeStyle Agents have access to set you up on what we call a Portal. This allows you            to receive emails of new listings the minute they hit the market. See it as fast or before Zillow does. 


3. Make an offer

Are you ready to compete for your dream home? In a fast paced market it is crucial to sit down and discuss the options within an offer. LifeStyle Agents are ready to be creative and strategies the best offer to elevate your chances in getting accepted. From understanding your budget to a strong working partnership with your lender, together we can optimize the different parts of an offer to benefit you. It is 100% a priority that you fully understand the contract and the commitment you are making in good faith. LifeStyle Agents are equipped to professionally negotiate an offer and communicate all details of contracts and disclosures with all parties involved. LifeStyle continuously communicates with the Title Company and Lender of choice to assure a smooth transaction. Topics to discuss with your LifeStyle Agent include...

Financing and Creative Offer Strategy/Clauses

Earnest Money & Title Companies 

Fixed Property vs Personal Property in a Home - Understand what stays and what does not

Inspections - What can the Buyer do and What is additionally recommended for the Great Falls area.

Contingencies - Does the Seller have any contingencies ? Do you as a Buyer have any contingencies?

Appraisal - What exactly is an Appraisal and how does it affect the transaction. 

3. Closing & Sold

We can now see the top of the mountain and are almost done! Once all the conditions of the Offer have been met we move into the process of closing. Did you get that "Home" feeling? Yes! Handling the details is our expertise and we have just a few more to check off. 

Schedule your Closing - Once your lender receives the "Clear to Close" make sure you have a time that works to sign closing documents.              This can take any where from 30min to 1 hr. (may vary depending on transaction). Allow yourself the time needed and make proper                            accommodations. 

Final Walk- Through - Take one last time prior to closing to walk through the property and ensure that the property is in the same or better            condition as when you first saw it, ensure that all inspection items negotiated have been fulfilled and completed with documentation to prove              it, no hidden surprises have showed once personal items have been removed (big stains, big holes or tears), etc... 

Closing - Know the time & day and what is needed. Are you Wiring funds or bringing a Cashiers Check? All signing parties will need a valid                  drivers license. Are you in another state and need to do a "Mail-Out"?  

Recorded -  Before you head to your new home... Make sure it is officially recorded! This may take a few hrs after signing to be validated.                  Title company will make all parties aware of this final recording. 

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